Holiday Eating Tips


Thanksgiving was just a few days ago ~ did you overeat?  Are you worried with the upcoming holiday parties, Christmas and New Years and you ruining all of your hard work?  Use these tips to help prevent overeating & feeling like you are facing an uphill battle.

  • Snack first.  Skipping meals before a big event can lead to unwise decisions at the table.  Have a low-fat protein snack, soup or a few pieces of fruit, or eat healthful mini-meals throughout the day.
  • Gift your host a light alternative, such as sparkling grape juice or a platter of fresh, colorful veggies and low-fat dip.  Besides making a warm offering, it will give you a nutritious snack if there are no other healthy options.
  • Make only one trip to the buffet table, but make it count by being selective.  Choose only the foods you really want and keep your portions small.  Often a taste will satisfy a craving.
  • Drink more ~ WATER, that is!  Try having one glass of water for every alcoholic drink.
  • Try a non-alcoholic beverage such as sparkling water with a twist rather than wine, champagne or a mixed drink.  Sparkling water fills you up and doesn’t supply any calories.
  • Switch hands.  This surprisingly effective trick works well when the menu is mostly finger foods.  Holding your drink in your dominant hand forces you to focus more clearly on your food choices.
  • Take your time. Chew slowly and savor the flavors – you’ll eat less and enjoy it more.
  • Step away from the table.  A social gathering is all about connecting with people.  Leaving the area to eat encourages mingling rather than mindless grazing.
  • Staying committed to your exercise routine helps lower blood pressure, raises your energy level and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

What to do each week?

Do you often wonder WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING EACH WEEK to maintain a healthy lifestyle?  Here are some great tips!
  • In addition to cardiovascular exercise, include strength training two to three times weekly.  Resistance exercise elevates calorie burning for up to fourteen hours post-workout
  • Include low back exercises in your core training routine.  The truth is that the abdominals make up a very small part of your overall “core”.  Add a ball cobra or supine bridge in your next workout; your body will thank you.
  • Replenish your body after a workout.  Consuming a 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio following exercise will speed recovery and maximize your hard work.
  • Pre-box your meal when dining out.  When you place your order, ask the waiter to box half of your meal before he or she serves it.  This way, you will win the portion control battle every time.
  • And don’t forget the basics!  Pre-pack your exercise bag, exercise with a friend, set goals, and reward yourself.

Goals, why am I struggling?????


I am constantly talking about the importance of setting goals, writing them down, placing them where you can see them every day, multiple times a day!  By not having goals identified and written down, how do you know when you reach them?  Are you solely going to rely on your memory?  Why not have concrete information?

As I sit here 11 days before the year 2016 starts, I find myself struggling to identify what MY goals are going to be for the year.  In 2015 my number one goal was the Disney Princess Half Marathon; then I lost it all ~ lost my motivation, dealt with some leg issues that kept me sidelined and not participating in a couple of races I had planned.  I spent a good chunk of 2015 just going through the motions, with no real plan in place (that is NOT A GOOD THING FOR ME!).

So what do I want to do for 2016?  I honestly don’t know.  Sure I can sign up for a few 5K races, even 10K’s but I need something BIG, something to push me beyond my limits.  BUT I don’t know what that is.  I’m really struggling here.

Granted I have the more common goals ~ lose a few pounds, stay fit, eat more vegetables, etc.  But I’m looking for that “big” goal!

10 days, 3 hours, and 34 minutes left to think……


Should I Exercise in the Morning, Afternoon or Evening?


This is a VERY common question among individuals that are either new to exercise or have been exercising for some time. To be honest with you, there is really no right or wrong answer. An honest answer would be whatever time works better for YOU! You will find MANY articles saying that it’s best to exercise in the morning when you will be more alert and have the ability to workout in a fasted state. Other articles will say working out in the afternoon will give you a boost of energy (which is true). Other articles will say that it’s best to exercise in the evening because you will be able to sleep better. Every person is different so we should do what works for us as individuals and not base our workout sessions on what we have read in a magazine. Whatever time of day works for YOUR schedule is when you should exercise!


Ways to get around those excuses



We are all guilty of the never ending list of excuses ~ why not to exercise today, this minute, this hour; why not to stop eating the cookies or chips while watching a movie; why, why, why! We have all made them at some point; what an easy way to let ourselves off the hook! The primary reason we make excuses is because of FEAR. Fear of failure, fear of support, fear of time, fear of actually liking the change! If you want to lose weight & maintain a healthy lifestyle, you have to do away with the excuses.

Yesterday I asked Facebook followers, Evolution Fitness, what their biggest obstacle to weight loss is and received a lot of great responses.  Here are their responses:

  • Vacation
  • Kids/Caregiver
  • Too much to do
  • Food (beer, ice cream)
  • Time
  • Emotional Eating
  • Spouse
  • Hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Myself
  • Overeating
  • Boredom

The #1 answer to each of these excuses is PLANNING!  We have to PLAN to eat healthier. We have to PLAN out our meals so if we are on the go with the kids we are not grabbing fast food. We have to PLAN our day to make sure we are not bored or mindlessly eating. We have to PLAN what we are eating and document it (in a notebook or a free app like MyFitness Pal or Sparkpeople).  If you join either of these let me know so I can cheer you on!

Yes it takes work, yes it takes a little bit of time UPFRONT BUT in the end you will reap the benefits.

Here are a few things to do TODAY to stop the excuse vicious cycle:

  1. Identify your excuses
  2. Develop a plan to side-step your excuses
  3. Develop a No Excuse Contract
  4. Recruit a friend or family member to hold you accountable; better yet, have them join on the journey with you!
  5. When you feel like overeating, mindless eating, boredom coming on, go for a walk or call a friend.  Just get OUT of the kitchen & away from the food!
  6. When you find you are too tired, tell yourself you are going to go for a 10 minute walk and see if you can build up your time every time.
  7. Most importantly, when you are on vacation, at a summer camp or just out of your own element ~ give yourself the opportunity to enjoy A treat but get right back on to your routine the next meal and get back to logging!

Everytime you find yourself wanting to make an excuse, take a step back and think how you can overcome that excuse!


It’s all about BALANCE


I’ve been working with a client for the past 10 weeks; helping her to get focused, get back on track & overcome her sabotaging habits on the weekends (read her original blog).  Here are her results:

Weight -19.8lbs

Total Inches -17.5″

But most importantly, she gained the tools & confidence to keep going and to stay on track!  Here is her reflection:

Everything in life is about balance, so is your health and fitness. You have to balance your fitness with your eating and balance your meals.  These past 10 weeks Debi has helped me realize and figure out exactly how to balance. And has taught me what is good for my body. Everyone’s body is different so what works for me may not work for you. I’ve learned that a 1200 calorie day of crap and a 1200 calorie day of clean is a huge difference. My body does not respond well Inside or out to certain food. The meal plan debi provided to me for this adventure proved that to me.  My eyes want something but I am slowly learning to look away because I know how I’m going to feel either later or the next day and I no longer like that feeling or the visual effects it does to my body.

If Colleen hadn’t participated in the Journey to Fit I don’t know if I would have participated.  She was my inspiration  and I hope she is continuing her journey.  If you want to feel better, inside and out contact Debi, she’s wonderful! She’ll be with you every step of the way, when you feel like you may be “falling” as you most likely will, she’s there to pick you and get you back on.

I have so much more energy, I feel better overall – mentally and physically and I’m not done with Debi. I won’t say this has been easy, by no means has it been but it has given much clarity as to my body and what it needs and what it likes. I’m happy to say this is what my body deserves and I will continue on this journey to health for myself, my son and husband.


Colleen’s 4 weeks on her own, so how did she do?

When I met with Collen at the end of her Journey to Fit program I suggested we meet again in 4 weeks to see how she did with her “new” transition without having the accountability of me daily.


Despite her being sick for almost 2 weeks & being away camping (and not being able to log her food), she did GREAT!

Her results:

Weight -4.4lbs

Inches -6.5″

Awesome job Colleen!  You have truly changed your thinking!  Here are her words:

Debi sprang on me at the last weigh in that I was to report for duty 4 weeks later for another weigh in and measurement check.  Correct!  I panicked… WHAT?!  But how am I going to do this on my own?!

No need to worry, better habits have been formed through food logging, not wanting to go through afternoon sugar crashes any longer, sleeping better, drinking more water.  It all fell in to place without me even focusing on it.  I couldn’t believe what the results were…I think I can safely say I learned a new way to live!!

Thank you Debi for providing guidance, encouragement and motivation to achieve the next level!  Onward and upward from here!!!

Consistency, it is so important

Consistency is so important when we are trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  Something will come up ~ kids have school activities, no time to make dinner, work, house, etc.  BUT taking a few moments to plan ahead ensures that you remain consistent WHEN these obstacles come about.


My new client has been following my plans for the past 4 weeks and is doing great.  She struggled with the weekends and not eating enough or eating too much junk.   BUT she has been consistent and it is showing in her results!

In 4 weeks here are her results:

Weight – 11.2lbs

Total inches -11.5″

Keep going; you are doing GREAT!

Here are her words:

“The past four weeks have been great! I feel great! Although this past weekend I ate some food items that I haven’t had in awhile; cake and tortilla chips, I skipped the bread without a second thought which made me happy. Kind of starting to get a wanting for some bad carbs but I’ll hold back until High Carb day. Exercise has been a bit challenging due to a crazy busy schedule but I know I’ll get back on. Overall, this has been the best and I thank Debi for holding me accountable.”

Colleen’s final thoughts……

This Journey to Fit provided  me with the tools I needed to be more accountable with my eating.  It taught me to watch my portions, have a better mix of lower carbs, more lean proteins, more vegetables and less sugars/processed foods.  It taught me the effectiveness of logging your food and being consistent with your exercise plan.

There were challenges, I don’t deny that.  Challenges I thought I wouldn’t be able to overcome.  But with a little effort and confidence, anyone can overcome what’s in front of them.

This journey taught me that I had the ability to succeed.  I was always setting myself up for failure in the past by not providing myself with the correct tools.  Debi taught me what was missing, now I can use these practices to carry this forward and change my lifestyle as a whole.

8 weeks ago I was excited for this opportunity, now I’m excited for a new beginning

Focus ~ what a beautiful thing


When we take the time to focus on our food intake and ensuring we are exercising, our bodies will respond & make changes!  But the minute we stop focusing, we stop eating healthy, we stop tracking, we stop exercising, we stop putting ourselves first!

When my new client started, she would do great Monday – Friday but the minute Saturday and Sunday came all of her hard work went by the waist side.  Well we did her first 2 week weigh in & measurements!

Weight -7.8lbs

Arms -.5″

Chest -.5″

Ribs -2″

Waist -2″

Hips -1″

Thighs -0″

Total inches lost -6″

So while logging your food each day might seem tedious, or grabbing fruit instead of potato chips, or choosing not to exercise, remember WHY you want to do this, remember WHAT you can achieve by doing so!

Keep pushing strong