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Haters can hate



Do you have that one person (or many) who seems to be always competing against you? Who can do the most, who can go the farthest, who can….. you get the idea?  Do you let that drag you down or does it motivate you to work harder?

One thing to remember is that whatever you are doing, do it for YOU ~ no one else.  This is YOUR journey, YOUR life.  Don’t let someone else’s insecurities, jealously have a negative impact on you.

When you start letting that negative drama into your life, your mind, body & soul is impacted.  The scale could go up, you feel tired all the time, you are eating whatever you see.

Keep your mind focused on your goals and let those haters find their own journey to focus on.

Holiday Shape Up

There are 8 weeks (58 days!) until Thanksgiving ~ are you going to be ready?  It has been reported that the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is when most people gain on average 8-10 pounds.  Don’t let yourself fall into the statistic!


Starting Monday, October 3rd, Evolution Fitness, will offer a 7 week Holiday Shape Up program. All done from the comfort of your own home!

What will you receive?

  • Each day you will receive a 30 minute workout
  • A nutritional guideline at the start of the program
  • Daily motivational tips
  • Guidance from a certified personal trainer and fitness nutritionist
  • A private facebook group

What do you need?

  • Exercise mat
  • Pair of dumbbells (we can substitute if you don’t have any)
  • Motivation & Consistency!  


  • $50 for the 7 weeks

Sign up today & get ready for the holidays!  


Did you fall?


We all fall off the wagon from time to time but what matters is what we do when we realize it! Do we jump back on or do we let our old habits creep back in???? I’m jumping back on!!!!

Over & over I have struggled with what the scale has said or hasn’t said. But have made peace with it and know that it is JUST A NUMBER! I’m not a number, I am a strong, lean, healthy and powerful person! I don’t need to know what the scale says — that does not define how I feel (or how you should feel)! Look at the other factors — how do your clothes fit, how do you feel, how do your rings fit?

It has taken me a while to come to peace with my body and what I have accomplished! YOU TOO CAN GET TO THAT POINT – JUST KEEP PUSHING ON STRONG! Understand that you will have setbacks, but just get back on the wagon and take it one day at a time!!!!

Don’t let your healthy eating or exercising take a back seat and don’t take it for granted! That is how we lose control & go back to our old habits!!

Are too busy?


Are you constantly finding yourself saying “I’m too busy” to exercise, to cook dinner, to take time for yourself as a destressor?  Do you find an excuse for every obstacle or every task you do not want to complete?

According to Wiki, making excuses is “an unconscious defense mechanism in which perceived controversial behaviors or feelings are logically justified and explained in a rational or logical manner in order to avoid any true explanation, and are made consciously tolerable by plausible means.”

If you break this down when it comes to fitness ~ do you make the excuse for fear of the unknown with exercising? ~ With so many options to help your learn about exercising, you do not have anything to complain about.  YouTube, invest in a personal trainer (some will do a 1 time appointment to help you get started), look at fitness magazines or books, take to social media, google fitness workouts.  Will you look “silly”? ~ no one is watching you exercising and if they are, they are not working hard enough for themselves!   Are you bored with exercising? ~ try different types of exercises (have you tried running, Zumba, CrossFit, Boot Camp, etc), do not limit yourself to just walking on the treadmill or in your development.  Do you not like a gym setting? ~ then look for outside classes such as Boot Camp, Zumba, Spinning, and more Cross Fit.

If you break this down when it comes to your diet ~ do you make the excuse you have to take this kid here, this kid there so you have to grab fast food? ~ that morning before work, get your ingredients and throw in the crockpot; it will be ready by the time you all return home to eat a healthy dinner before becoming a taxi cab!  Do you make the excuse that you don’t know how to cook? ~ google your favorite ingredient (i.e. chicken) and look for different recipes, then experiment.  You may find you truly love cooking & have a knack for it.  Failing to plan is planning to fail!  Designate one day a week to plan out meals (maybe you just plan out dinners) and all ingredients needed, then those things that you can prep before hand, do so.  You just saved yourself a few minutes that night you are going to be running all over.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be cumbersome ~ a little planning goes a long way!  Grab a friend, grab your dog and get out for some exercise!  Then prepare dinner!

It Won’t Happen…….

Overnight that is!


3 days ago you have committed to a new exercise routine, you are eating more fruits & veggies and less processed foods.  But you are not seeing any changes ~no weight loss on the scale, clothes are still tight, you don’t feel like you have more energy.  So you say screw it, I’m done.


You are NOT going to see changes overnight.  Heck you won’t see changes even within a week, 2 weeks, maybe even a month!   It did not take you a day to gain weight and make your body unhealthy, so you cannot expect it to take only a day to lose it.

If you are consistent you are going to see changes.  I guarantee that.  BUT if you are only half consistent ~ eating healthy all day, then binge eating on chips, having a bowl of ice cream, etc. you are NOT being consistent.  Why ruin all of your efforts on the junk food?  Or you exercise every day ~ a nice mix of cardio & resistance training but then you leave the gym & grab a bagel with cream cheese & large sugar loaded coffee.  Again, why ruin all of your efforts on the junk food?

Find your balance with food, exercise and overall wellness and you will reap the benefits of a healthier body!

Check out tomorrow’s blog for ways to maintain balance with your food & exercise

What to do each week?

Do you often wonder WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING EACH WEEK to maintain a healthy lifestyle?  Here are some great tips!

  • In addition to cardiovascular exercise, include strength training two to three times weekly.  Resistance exercise elevates calorie burning for up to fourteen hours post-workout
  • Include low back exercises in your core training routine.  The truth is that the abdominals make up a very small part of your overall “core”.  Add a ball cobra or supine bridge in your next workout; your body will thank you.
  • Replenish your body after a workout.  Consuming a 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio following exercise will speed recovery and maximize your hard work.
  • Pre-box your meal when dining out.  When you place your order, ask the waiter to box half of your meal before he or she serves it.  This way, you will win the portion control battle every time.
  • And don’t forget the basics!  Pre-pack your exercise bag, exercise with a friend, set goals, and reward yourself.

Send those negative thoughts BYE BYE!


How many times have you questioned yourself in the middle of workout ~ “Why am I doing this?  I’m not seeing any progress?”?  How many times do you have the conversation ~ I can’t keep up, I’m not doing the exercise correctly, holy cow my legs are on fire?

Internally we have a fire burning ~ burning to make us better, stronger, faster, healthier!  Whatever that fire is, keep sparking it to make your fire burn before, during & after your exercise!

Every day, every workout, YOU have the choice to get those negative thoughts from your head.  You have to make the choice!  You have to keep your eyes on the goal!   You have to stay focused!  Yes it will be HARD.  Yes you will find a challenge along the way.  But it will all be worth it!  JUST. KEEP. PUSHING. FORWARD!

Negative nellies

Have you ever been given negative comments as to why you are training for a race, why you are exercising as much as you or why you are watching what you are eating so strictly?  How does it impact you?  Do you say screw it, why continue doing what I’m doing?  Or does it make you work harder?


Don’t let someone else’s jealously, rude comments, hurtful thoughts and actions sway you from your goals, your dreams, your thoughts.

Tired of starting over?

Have you been on and off the wagon so many times you don’t know if you are coming or going? Are you tired of starting over?



To set yourself up to be successful, you need to do something different, you need to change things up.  Here are a few ideas to help you be successful:

  1. Get Support.  Grab a friend or family member to help you stay accountable.  Don’t have someone?  Find a social support group like the Evolution Fitness Fan Page to help you get through the ups & downs, ask questions, learn new exercises, get recipes, etc.
  2. Establish Goals.  You know what you WANT, but do you know HOW to get there?  You will not succeed if you do not have an idea of where to start.  Ask questions, read articles on the interest, start writing down things you want to accomplish, etc.
  3. Reflect.  Look back at what has worked and not worked for you in the past.  Once you identify issues that throw you off track, you can find solutions so these situations will not continue to derail your efforts.

Results CAN happen as long as you have the tools & resources to get you there.  Stop giving up and just GET IT DONE!

Gaining Weight?


Have you been working really hard lately?  Eating healthy and exercising daily but you are seeing the scale go up?  Frustrating, right?  Here are some reasons why & how your behavior impacts the scale:

  1. Eating high calorie foods
  2. Consuming sugar sweetened foods
  3. Getting too little or too much sleep
  4. Watching too much TV
  5. Over consuming alcohol
  6. Being inactive

Here are some ways to help combat the weight gain:

  1. Practice stress management daily
  2. Avoid a diet with too much red meat, potatoes, processed foods, sweets and desserts
  3. Replace sugar sweetened beverages with water & zero calorie drinks
  4. Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night
  5. Walk briskly 2-4 hours each week
  6. Aim for no more than 1 hour of TV watching per day
  7. Drink alcohol in moderation
  8. Include muscle strengthening exercises at least twice a week
  9. Attain at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise at a moderate-hard intensity each week.