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Manageable Goals Key to Successful Changes in New Year

So you have good intentions of sticking to your New Years resolutions and then by day 3 or 2 weeks in or even 3 months, you start getting bored with it and you want to stop eating healthy and stop exercising!  Here are some ways to help make those resolutions stick:

  • Set Realistic Short Term Goals
  • Plan Ahead
  • Stick to the Plan
  • Schedule in Exercise
  • Get Adequate Sleep
  • Stay Hydrated
  • One Change at a Time

Change is never easy. But by making some small changes today, and building to larger ones down the road, you can realize your goals. Remember — no matter HOW you start, don’t be afraid TO start!


6 Ways to make 2017 a Healthy Year

Are you looking to make 2017 a healthier year for you?  For your family?  Here are 6 ways to make those changes:

  1. Make healthy food choices. Grab a health snack on the go. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  2. Be active. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park farther away and walk.
  3. Protect yourself.  Put a helmet, sunscreen or bug spray.  And make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Manage stress. Don’t overschedule or overcommit.  Take short breaks throughout the day.
  5. Make an appointment for a check-up, vaccination, or screening.
  6. Quit smoking.

Holiday Eating Tips


Thanksgiving was just a few days ago ~ did you overeat?  Are you worried with the upcoming holiday parties, Christmas and New Years and you ruining all of your hard work?  Use these tips to help prevent overeating & feeling like you are facing an uphill battle.

  • Snack first.  Skipping meals before a big event can lead to unwise decisions at the table.  Have a low-fat protein snack, soup or a few pieces of fruit, or eat healthful mini-meals throughout the day.
  • Gift your host a light alternative, such as sparkling grape juice or a platter of fresh, colorful veggies and low-fat dip.  Besides making a warm offering, it will give you a nutritious snack if there are no other healthy options.
  • Make only one trip to the buffet table, but make it count by being selective.  Choose only the foods you really want and keep your portions small.  Often a taste will satisfy a craving.
  • Drink more ~ WATER, that is!  Try having one glass of water for every alcoholic drink.
  • Try a non-alcoholic beverage such as sparkling water with a twist rather than wine, champagne or a mixed drink.  Sparkling water fills you up and doesn’t supply any calories.
  • Switch hands.  This surprisingly effective trick works well when the menu is mostly finger foods.  Holding your drink in your dominant hand forces you to focus more clearly on your food choices.
  • Take your time. Chew slowly and savor the flavors – you’ll eat less and enjoy it more.
  • Step away from the table.  A social gathering is all about connecting with people.  Leaving the area to eat encourages mingling rather than mindless grazing.
  • Staying committed to your exercise routine helps lower blood pressure, raises your energy level and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

How to maintain a weight loss

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10 ways to help you maintain weight loss

  1. Do at least 30 minutes of high intensity interval training or 45 minutes of steady cardio
  2. Consistently eat a low calories diet
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Weigh yourself once a week, same time, same day, same situation
  5. Maintain a consistent diet during the week & on the weekends
  6. Keep social ~ make sure you are taking some time for you, to rest, recharge & refresh!
  7. Restrict the number of times involving uncontrolled eating
  8. Prevent small regains from becoming larger gains
  9. Develop a strategy for emotional eating & overeating
  10. Make sure you are drinking water daily!

Do you need a reason to exercise?


A clock character running. Concept for running out of time or work life balance.

A clock character running. Concept for running out of time or work life balance.

It’s normal to have days where you just don’t feel like exercising ~ You feel too busy, too much to do, too stressed and too tired.   But you quickly forget how you feel after a workout & the amazing benefits an exercise routine gives you!  

To Be Happier ~ Exercise has been shown to stimulate brain chemicals that induce relaxation and happiness.

To Reduce Disease ~ Exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis and a great defense against type 2 diabetes.

To Look Amazing ~ Exercise firms your muscles, improves your posture and even makes your skin glow. It’s very rewarding when the people in your life start to notice your transformation.

To Be Energized ~ Remember that “high” you experience after a great workout? Exercise raises your endorphins, providing you with more energy throughout the day.

To Get Better Sleep ~ Exercise boosts energy levels during the day, but also wears you out. Recovering from a challenging workout will help you relax and reach a deeper level of sleep. 

To Slow Aging ~ Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to slow aging. As we age, our bodies lose muscle and bone and gain inflammation.  When you exercise regularly, you will see a reduction in muscle & bone loss as well as inflammation!

To Reduce Depression ~ Studies have shown that exercise is able to reduce depression.  So even if you don’t feel like getting up off the couch to sweat through a workout, remember that you’ll feel happier and more alive once you’ve done it.

To Feel Fewer Aches and Pains ~ When you strengthen the muscles around your joints you’re able to reduce joint pain and overall aches.

To Improve Memory ~ Exercise has been proven to improve memory and other cognitive functions.

To Enjoy Your Life ~ Whatever your passion is in life – your kids, travel, sports, significant other – it is all more enjoyable when you experience it in a fit and healthy body.

To Have Fewer Sick Days ~ Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly are 50% less likely to call in sick to work.

To Burn Calories while at Rest ~ Building your muscles through exercise means that you’ll be burning extra calories even while at rest.

To Be Confident ~ When you are fit, feel healthy and have energy, you demonstrate strong confidence. 

Happy Halloween but don’t let that deter you


Happy Halloween!  The day we put our willpower to the ultimate test.  Candy, sweets, treats, other sugary goodies ~ don’t let those couple of pieces of candy deter you from your goals!  Here are a couple of ideas to help get rid of that candy:

1) Check to see if your dentist office participates in the buy back candy program http://www.halloweencandybuyback.com

2) Bundle them up in small baggies & use them for goodie bags if you have an upcoming party to host

3) Package up that candy and donate it to the military.

4) Some of the candy you can freeze to use in some of your holiday baking (i.e. heath bars, hersheys, peanut butter cups, pieces, etc).

Try these tips to see if it helps keep your hand out of the candy bag!

Haters can hate



Do you have that one person (or many) who seems to be always competing against you? Who can do the most, who can go the farthest, who can….. you get the idea?  Do you let that drag you down or does it motivate you to work harder?

One thing to remember is that whatever you are doing, do it for YOU ~ no one else.  This is YOUR journey, YOUR life.  Don’t let someone else’s insecurities, jealously have a negative impact on you.

When you start letting that negative drama into your life, your mind, body & soul is impacted.  The scale could go up, you feel tired all the time, you are eating whatever you see.

Keep your mind focused on your goals and let those haters find their own journey to focus on.

I got rid of it ~ for good


So I was successful at this before but I’m not sure why I stopped, or I should say started drinking coffee again.  It is not necessarily coffee per say it is the “sugar loaded” coffee creamer.  A year or so ago I switched to the natural coffee creamer ~ only nonfat milk, heavy cream, sugar & natural flavor.  BUT my catch was that I would not use the recommended serving size (1tbsp), i was more like 4-5tbsp (I never measured it because I didn’t want to know :))  So while the ingredients might be natural the sugar is what was holding me back.  I was noticing some side effects with the sugar intake  that I decided in order to fully achieve my goals I needed to eliminate the coffee & creamer.  My goal is to eliminate it Monday – Friday and allow myself 1 cup on both Saturday & Sunday, if I so desire.

When we identify what our weakness or crutch is in our healthy lifestyle, you have to address it in order to see the results; whether you want to admit it or not.

What is one thing you are holding onto?  That one thing you can’t seem to break & you know it is hindering your weight loss efforts, your fitness goals, your overall health?



Holiday Shape Up

There are 8 weeks (58 days!) until Thanksgiving ~ are you going to be ready?  It has been reported that the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is when most people gain on average 8-10 pounds.  Don’t let yourself fall into the statistic!


Starting Monday, October 3rd, Evolution Fitness, will offer a 7 week Holiday Shape Up program. All done from the comfort of your own home!

What will you receive?

  • Each day you will receive a 30 minute workout
  • A nutritional guideline at the start of the program
  • Daily motivational tips
  • Guidance from a certified personal trainer and fitness nutritionist
  • A private facebook group

What do you need?

  • Exercise mat
  • Pair of dumbbells (we can substitute if you don’t have any)
  • Motivation & Consistency!  


  • $50 for the 7 weeks

Sign up today & get ready for the holidays!  


Nutrients ~ what are those?????



There are 6 basic nutrients in our food ~ carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals & water. Nutrients are chemical substances that are found in the food we digest. These nutrients are required to build and sustain our body cells, control body processed, and provide our bodies with the energy needed to carry out activities.


  • Give our bodies energy and help us to grow, work and play.
  • If you eat too many carbs, your body stores them as starches and finally as fat.
  • Starch is found in breads, cereals, whole grains, pasta, rice, potatoes, pastries and also in many vegetables.
  • Starch & sugar are carbohydrates. They both give our bodies quick energy. When they are not used for energy, they are stored in our body as fat.
  • The sugar that is good for us is found in such foods as raw fruit & unsweetened fruit juices. The sugar we eat, such as cookies, cakes, honey, chocolate, jam, sweetened drinks, comes from sugar cane and sugar beets.
  • Sugar has no nutrients; it is mainly used to make our food taste better & provides a high-energy value.


  • Proteins assist your body to grow strong bones, teeth, hair, tissues and muscles. Therefore proteins are the building blocks of our body.
  • Protein also helps our body to grow and repair itself as well as make new body cells.
  • Animal sources of protein contain more of the necessary amino acids than plant sources do. Proteins are made up of substances called amino acids. There are 22 amino acids; 14 are made by our body and the other 8 come from the foods we eat.
  • Sources of protein are: meats, fish, chicken, nuts, cereals, beans, cheese, eggs, milk and lentils.


  • Fats give our bodies energy and heat that can be stored in the body. Fats have more than double the energy that sugars and starches do.
  • Fats are stored under the skin and help to keep us warm. They are also stored around the nerves and kidneys to protect them from damage.
  • A small amount of fat contains a lot of energy.
  • Foods that contain fat include: peanut butter, oil, salad dressings, foods fried in oils, cream, hot dogs, olives, sausages and other greasy meats.
  • Fats can be in two forms: visible & invisible. Visible fats can be seen in foods like butter, oils, cheese, cream, margarine and fatty meats. Invisible fats cannot be seen and are in such foods as cakes, cookies, pies, ice cream as well as foods cooked in fats or oils.
  • There are 2 types of fats ~ saturated (animal sources) and unsaturated (plant sources). Consuming unsaturated fats may help reduce the risks of heart disease.


  • All vitamins help our bodies use the carbohydrates, proteins and fats from our food.
  • Sometimes, vitamins can be taken in the form of pills; however a well balance diet will supply us with all the vitamins we need.
  • Vitamin A keeps our skin, bones, nerves, hair, organs and eyes healthy. It also helps us to see better at night and helps to keep the lining of our throat healthy. Foods containing Vitamin A include: carrots, sweet potatoes, butter, broccoli, cantaloupe, liver and eggs.
  • Vitamin B includes thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin. They help us to digest our food and produce healthy blood. It also keeps our skin and nerves in good condition. Sources of Vitamin B include most vegetables and fruits, yeast, whole grain cereals, egg yolk, fish, nuts and kidney beans.
  • Vitamin C is found in all citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit), green vegetables, and blackcurrants. They help keep our teeth, gums, bones, and cartilage (soft bone like substance in our ears and nose) healthy. Vitamin C also helps us to fight colds, infections and rebuild tissue and heal wounds.
  • Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. It helps our body to use calcium and phosphorus for building strong bones and teeth. Foods containing Vitamin D include cod liver oil, fatty ocean fish, egg yolks, butter and margarine. Sunshine in the summer is also an excellent source of Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin K helps our scars to heal, helps blood to clot, and aid in proper liver function. Sources include: leafy green vegetables, soybean oil, tomatoes and cauliflower.


  • Without minerals our bodies would not be able to perform certain jobs. They are used for growth and repair as well as for regulating body functions.
  • Calcium is the mineral found in milk, canned fish, green vegetables and milk products (cheese, cottage cheese, cream, sour cream and yogurt). Calcium also helps to control the contraction of muscles.
  • Iron is necessary for the production of red blood cells. It also helps to carry oxygen in red blood cells. Iron is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin in the red blood cells. These cells carry the oxygen needed for the production of energy. Lack of iron in our diet can cause us to be tired and the lack of energy to do activities. Iron can be found in meats, bread, potatoes, eggs, dried fruit, dried beans and dark green vegetables.
  • Sodium is necessary for maintaining the correct water balance in the body. If our bodies do not get enough sodium, our muscles begin to cramp. It is also essential for muscle and nerve activity. Sodium is found in common table salt, seafood and vegetables.
  • Iodine produces thyroxin, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. If we do not get enough energy in our bodies we may become overweight or underweight. Iodine is found in seafoods, vegetables and iodized table salt.
  • Zinc helps in the development of nerves and muscles to function properly. Sources of zinc include eggs, seafoods, grains and nuts.

Our bodies use the minerals, vitamins, and water without needing them to be broken down. Carbohydrates, protein and fats all need to be broken down before our cells are able to use them.

Some foods are enriched with vitamins and minerals. When food is enriched, it is because nutrients were lost when they were cooked or processed. Some enriched foods include flour, milk, juices, canned fruits and vegetables.


  • We need to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily (about 70% of our body is made up of water).
  • Every chemical reaction in our body takes place in water.
  • We could survive for about a month without food, but we would die in a few days without water.
  • Some of our water is found in the fruits and vegetables that we eat.
  • Water regulates our body’s temperature and helps to carry away body wastes through the intestines