Holiday Eating Tips


Thanksgiving was just a few days ago ~ did you overeat?  Are you worried with the upcoming holiday parties, Christmas and New Years and you ruining all of your hard work?  Use these tips to help prevent overeating & feeling like you are facing an uphill battle.

  • Snack first.  Skipping meals before a big event can lead to unwise decisions at the table.  Have a low-fat protein snack, soup or a few pieces of fruit, or eat healthful mini-meals throughout the day.
  • Gift your host a light alternative, such as sparkling grape juice or a platter of fresh, colorful veggies and low-fat dip.  Besides making a warm offering, it will give you a nutritious snack if there are no other healthy options.
  • Make only one trip to the buffet table, but make it count by being selective.  Choose only the foods you really want and keep your portions small.  Often a taste will satisfy a craving.
  • Drink more ~ WATER, that is!  Try having one glass of water for every alcoholic drink.
  • Try a non-alcoholic beverage such as sparkling water with a twist rather than wine, champagne or a mixed drink.  Sparkling water fills you up and doesn’t supply any calories.
  • Switch hands.  This surprisingly effective trick works well when the menu is mostly finger foods.  Holding your drink in your dominant hand forces you to focus more clearly on your food choices.
  • Take your time. Chew slowly and savor the flavors – you’ll eat less and enjoy it more.
  • Step away from the table.  A social gathering is all about connecting with people.  Leaving the area to eat encourages mingling rather than mindless grazing.
  • Staying committed to your exercise routine helps lower blood pressure, raises your energy level and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Keeping healthy through the holidays


Sticking to healthy habits during the holidays can be a challenge ~ here are some ways to help manage the challenges that arise:

1. Eat breakfast. When you eat the right breakfast, it jump starts your metabolism, boosts
your energy, provided needed vitamins and minerals and reduces cravings.

2. Sleep. Aim for at least 7 hours a night helps you to re-energize, regulate hormones, detoxify and reduce cravings.
3. Stay Calm.
Keep things in perspective and stay joy filled regardless of the circumstances that may be out of your control.  Holiday times have the potential to be a person’s happiest memories. Do you best to find a blessing in every situation.

4. Exercise. You know it’s true — you feel your best when you are exercising regularly.  During the holidays its more important than ever to keep workout.  What a great stress reducer and calorie burner.
5. Drink water. Staying hydrated is key, not only for reducing cravings, but also for making sure you can keep up with the holiday rush!
6. Travel healthy.
Whether you are taking a day trip or are going for a week, be prepared with health snacks and meal replacements.  Don’t rely on what’s in the airport, resort or even at mom and dad’s to fuel your fit body.

7.  Treat Yourself – While you should avoid harmful foods and beverages such as high
fructose corn syrup and alcohol, there are some healthful indulgences you can enjoy guilt free. It’s all about moderation!
8.  Identify your goals. Having a plan for when and what you will eat and when you will exercise is key to success. Identify goals for the holiday season to keep you on track & put them where you will see them regularly throughout the holidays!

9.  Focus on the spirit of the holiday. The festivities and the food are secondary to the true meaning of the season.  Focus on what is truly important to you during this joyous time.